EZGeneratorSwitch – Compatible With All Makes and Models

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We receive this question several times a day:

Q: Is the EZGeneratorSwitch compatible with my generator?

A: The answer is “Yes!”.

There are two types of generators on the market. “Bonded Neutral” & “Floating Neutral”. When you go to order our switch, we ask for your make and model. This allows us to determine the type of generator you have, which allows us to determine which version of our switch you need.

We have compiled a database of thousands of generator makes and models, in this database we also note whether your generator is “Bonded Neutral” or “Floating Neutral”. If, when you go to order, you do not see your make and or model listed in our pulldown menus, drop us an email. We can do some quick research and determine which type of switch you will need.

So, again: Yes, the EZGeneratorSwitch is compatible with your make and model generator, even when you don’t see your make and model listed.

To buy the switch, please visit our Order/Buy Now page.

If you have any questions, please first read our Frequently Asked Questions , if the answer is not in our FAQs, Contact Us. We answer each and every contact request, many times within a few hours.