EZGeneratorSwitch – How to Install The EZGeneratorSwitch

We receive multiple requests per day in regards to installing our generator switch. While written instructions are available, the videos below walk you through step by step on how to connect your transfer switch to your electrical panel.

Simple Explanation of Bonded vs. Floating Neutral Generators

In this video, we illustrate in simple terms the difference between a bonded and floating neutral generator.

Why Approved Transfer Switches Don’t Backfeed

A common concern we hear about is whether backfeeding will occur from using a transfer switch like ours. In this video, we explain the concept of backfeeding and why it does not occur with an approved transfer switch that is properly installed.

How to Connect EZ Generator Switch to Your Existing Electrical Panel(Switched Version)

This connection would be typical for connecting the “Switched version” to either a lighting branch circuit, outlet circuit or possibly a heating circuit. Watch this 9 minute instructional video for simple step by step instructions on how to connect your new generator switch.

How to Connect EZ Generator Switch at Your Existing Equipment(Switched Version)

This connection would be typical for connecting the “Switched” version to an existing heating system.

Make Our Switch Compatiable With Either a Bonded or Floating Neutral Generator

Simple instructional on “How to Convert Our Switch” to work with either a floating neutral or bonded generator.

Automatic vs. Manual Transfer Switch – What’s the Difference?

Kevin, the creator of the EZ Generator Switch explains the difference between an automatic and manual transfer switch .