About Us

EZ Generator Switch can provide the most economical way to energize essential circuits during a power outage. Our product was patented in December 2010 as a single circuit transfer switch. We wanted a clean, compact unit full of simplicity. Outages are troublesome and anyone should be able to energize essential circuits without concern and complication.


Success Stories

Being able to help others is priority. Some customers are in need of a whole house generator systems and others just need essentials so it give us great pride when we receive response such as these:

    Flooding – Hershey, PA

  • And on the ninth day, these outlets were invented so homes can have heat, lights in some rooms and a refrigerator during NH Power outages.
  • I do believe your product EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. It’s a way to run my gas furnace with my generator and something I can do myself
  • It is installed on the gas heater in her new yoga studio and is patiently awaiting winter and the next power outage.
  • The cost of wasted food pays for the generator and the EZ Generator Switch. Great product for the do-it-yourselfer with basic skill and a reasonable price.
  • Thank you for an Ingenious product and helping us out after Sandy
  • Lost power for the past week and the switch worked fantastic! Great product and the best part is that it’s made in the US
  • The EZ Generator Switch is a great addition to our emergency preparedness

Blue shirt trust

After 35 years of doing work in Industrial, Commercial and Residential electrical contracting we feel very confident we are providing the consumer something of great value. We want the customer to be more happy than they ever imagined because: It’s a great feeling when “less is more”.