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A very smart purchase
The EZ Generator Switch was a very smart purchase. I had it installed on my sump pump and was able to switch it on to stop my basement from flooding. In the past, it would flood with up to almost 3 feet of water, because I had no convenient way of stopping it. The EZ Generator Switch made the task a lot easier and also saved me money on repairs for my basement.
Good for much more than just heating a house
Living in South Florida, we have nothing but storms in the fall and frequent power outtages that can last a week, or even longer. I had the EZ Generator Switch installed on my forced hot air & water for the last hurricane season, so that I was still able to perform daily functions. I’d recommend it in areas that are apt to stormy weather, as it is good for much more than just heating a house.
The best purchase I’ve made for emergencies.
I had purchased the EZ Generator Switch out of curiosity, figuring the price was right. It was the best purchase I’ve made for emergencies. My wife was home while I was on a business trip. She’s not too up to date on what to do during power outages and sure enough, she lost power for the weekend while I was gone. Lucky, using the switch she was able to get through the weekend comfortably. I strongly urge anyone who travels frequently, leaving loved ones at home, has children at home, or even lives alone, to look into the EZ Generator Switch. It will save you time, money, and worry.
Flipped the switch and my heat was on!
Can not believe how easy this is…my husband showed me one time and sure enough we lost power this winter when he was at work. I plugged our 12 gauge cord just like they told us… into the inlet of the EZ Generator switch then into our small portable generator, flipped the switch and my heat was on! Thanks EZ Generator switch.
Fantastic Product
Its been a long time since I’ve found any electrical product as versatile, well designed and nicely built as this transfer switch. Super easy to install and operate, nice looking and can be used in many different applications. You guys hit one out of the park with this switch!