Manual Transfer Switch

About the EZ Generator Switch

The EZ Generator Switch can be installed
directly onto a furnace!

We here at EZ GENERATOR SWITCH are master electricians who have been in the business for over 35 years. We are out there working every day and are afforded the opportunity to see what customers really need. With that in mind, the EZ Generator Switch was born. We asked ourselves a few simple questions:

  • What are the top complaints we receive during power outages?
  • What does a household or business need most during this situation?
  • How can we make functioning during a power outage more simple and comfortable for our customers?
  • How can we make a more affordable system?

Customers have consistently voiced complaints such as, “all I really need is my heat and a couple of lights” or “why do I have to pay thousands waiting for my power to go out”?

The EZ Generator Switch features one switch, so that you are able to power what you need without illegally “hot wiring” a furnace or fumbling around for hours. You are able to restore heat or other priorities quickly and easily.

Upon the desire for a simple switch, the customer has also sought out a cheaper alternative. Why pay over $1,000 for a generator, and another $1,000 for a transfer switch device when you only need one or two items energized? Our product will cost you a fraction of the price.

An additional asset to using the EZ Generator Switch, is that you only need a generator big enough to run the desired, essential items. This means you can use small, portable, and more wallet-friendly generators which are potentially more useful. There is no need for a large, 7000 watt generator to collect dust in your garage.

Lights are out! Now what do I do? Simply plug your extension cord (we recommend 12 gauge cord and only the length you need) into the inlet plug then into your generator and throw the EZ Transfer Switch. No worries about back feeding …and when the lights come back on simply place the EZ Switch back into the normal position marked “Utility Power”.

When your power resumes WE ALWAYS RECOMMEND that you shut down your generator, remove the extension cord and then place your EZ switch back into the “normal mode”.

Typical installations include: heating systems (gas or oil), lighting circuits, hot water systems (gas or oil), forced hot air systems, hard wired sump pumps, and older home steam systems.