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There are two types of generators, bonded neutral and floating neutral. Let’s discuss bonded neutral generators.  In this instance the neutral is bonded (connected) to the frame of the generator.  For two reasons, both code & safety, we must switch the neutrals away from your original source. The code states a neutral shall be bonded at the first means of disconnect or in a generators case at the unit. The simple reason is we want all neutral carrying conductors to be bonded at one location to avoid transient voltages being introduced into the ground system where they don’t belong. So, we switch the neutral away from your panel and avoid connecting it twice to the ground source.  Don’t confuse this with the ground wire (bare, green or green with yellow stripe) A ground wire is only there for a fault. An example of a fault would be typically in a motor where the winding wire touches the external case…. just waiting for you to touch it! However, by connecting a ground wire to a ground rod at your generators location these transient voltages will now travel to the ground rod, trip the unit and keep you safe.

Floating neutrals in generators have no “connection” with the frame of your generator. Therefore, we are required to connect the generators neutral to your existing panel neutral. All done by the wiring we provide you with the switch (found inside the case upon delivery).

EZ Generator Switch designs the only transfer switch in the United States and Canada that is universal.  It switches the neutral for bonded neutral generators and connects the floating neutral generators neutral. Every unit comes with instructions, wiring diagram and you have access to all the YouTube videos to physically see it being connected or converted if needed.

You need to identify which type of generator you have, its easy here ‘s how with 3 options

1) You can test the unit with a continuity tester with the unit off.  With one lead in the 9 o’clock slot and the other on the frame of the generator (clean screw location no paint) Continuity =Bonded Generator, No continuity =Floating generator.

2) New law states all generators will be identified regarding the neutrals. It would be posted right where the outlets are. Terms like “Neutral bonded to frame “or “floating neutral”

3) Call the manufacture they can advise you based on make & model.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, HERE.