Transfer Switches for Well Pumps – Whole House Transfer Switches

With the large number of questions we receive from potential customers looking for whole house transfer switches or transfer switches that can be used for well pumps, we decided to give you a few options. [...]

Hurricane IRMA – Generator Preparedness Tips

Are you prepared for Hurricane Irma? Irma, a category 5 hurricane is predicted to make landfall in Florida and work its way up the East Coast in the near future.  Hurricanes typically mean power outages, [...]


We see this question often enough, and even though it is addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions, we feel the need to dedicate a post to the question: Will the EZ Generator Switch” backfeed? The [...]

EZGeneratorSwitch Secures UL Standard

Before price, size, or capabilities, the most important factor related to generators is safety. With the EZGeneratorSwitch, you'll never have to worry—the switch now conforms to UL Standard 1640  and is [...]

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Solar Powered Generator

Most people buy gas powered generators because they don’t know enough about alternatives, such as a solar powered model. Solar power isn’t exactly a new trend, but it still hasn’t fully caught on in the [...]

How to Lower the Cost of Your Generator Installation

Buying a standby generator carries a hefty price tag on its own—no one wants to pay for extra expenses to install it. Unfortunately, unless you buy a portable machine, you’re going to have to pony up a [...]

How to Keep Your Generator Humming and Healthy

Many generator owners only use their machines during storms, dragging them out and setting them up when snow or ice has taken down a power line, or a thunderstorm has knocked out their electricity. You’ll be [...]

How to Choose Between a Portable and Standby Generator

When purchasing a generator, you can’t depend solely on store employees, online reviews, or recommendations from a friend. It’s important to consider your own budget and necessity—and how they sync up [...]

Generator Safety Tips

Generator Safety Generators are blessings during power outages, but can result in disaster if you are not careful. The fact that you are in the market for one of our switches, means you are most likely the [...]

Universal Generator Switch for Two Types of Generators and What You Need to Know

There are two types of generators, bonded neutral and floating neutral. Let’s discuss bonded neutral generators.  In this instance the neutral is bonded (connected) to the frame of the generator.  For two [...]

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