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We see this question often enough, and even though it is addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions, we feel the need to dedicate a post to the question: Will the EZ Generator Switch” backfeed?

The simple answer is “No”. If you have wired your generator switch properly, when the power comes back on, you will not experience a “backfeed”.

The EZ Generator Switch switches incoming power from your utility provider(pole to house) to your emergency generator. The switch ensures you cannot receive power to the panel from both sources at the same time.

To reiterate: Power from utility feeds into the generator switch and THEN feeds into the circuit of your choice(refrigerator, furnace, whatever you decide to power with our switch). When you flip the switch, the switch disconnects the circuit from the utility and allows the power to feed from the generator. Again, the EZ Generator Switch was designed so that the power will not backfeed.

Your safety is of our utmost concern, our switch has gone through rigorous testing and conforms to UL Standard 1640 and is certified to CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 #14.