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Before price, size, or capabilities, the most important factor related to generators is safety. With the EZGeneratorSwitch, you’ll never have to worry—the switch now conforms to UL Standard 1640  and is certified to CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 #14.

UL is short for Underwriter Laboratories, a global organization that has inspected, tested, and certified electrical products for over a century. Many devices in your home likely bear its symbol, as it has evaluated around 14 billion products currently sold in the world’s marketplace.

UL classification is all about protecting consumers. By regulating devices through rigorous testing, troubleshooting, and verification, it safeguards the public from potentially harmful products. It also ensures the device runs smoothly and isn’t faulty.

Here are five guidelines that are inspected before a UL classification is granted:

  1. Performance in varied conditions: inspectors will run the product through different scenarios and environments to test how well it works.
  2. Susceptibility to risks: this process checks to see if the device is vulnerable to hazards such as electric shock or fire.
  3. Regulation code: the UL inspectors will ensure the product is up to snuff with the industry’s regulatory standards.
  4. International code: if the product is sold in multiple countries, it must pass each nation’s regulations.
  5. Other criteria: the organization will check other miscellaneous conditions that they deem essential.

The process we went through to see that our generator switch became UL approved was extremely time consuming and very thorough. The fact that we passed with flying colors and earned the coveted UL seal of approval is extremely important to us as well as customer that ultimately purchase our switch.

Our switch passed certification in both the United States and Canada.

The UL classification creates a circle of trust between manufacturers, vendors, and consumers. Now that the EZGeneratorSwitch is certified, you can sleep well knowing it’s both effective and safe.

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